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This Is How LED Therapy Transforms Your Skin

For years effective methods have been sought for the treatment of the skin, at present, the development of LED light therapy has brought great benefits to the world of aesthetics and health.

Most studies indicate that light therapy increases the production of ATP (ATP is the molecule that provides energy to the cell), and improves the production of collagen and causes cell proliferation and migration, particularly of fibroblasts. Also, it modulates cytokine levels, growth factors, inflammatory mediators and increases tissue oxygenation.

The Benefits of Using LED Light

  • Prevention and reduction of wrinkles, improvement of skin firmness.
  • Reduction of acne marks. Since it prevents the formation of acne.
  • Cellulite reduction.
  • Improvement and cure of psoriasis.

The LED light is used in phototherapy to improve the condition of the skin with devices that incorporate LEDs. It is a very effective technique to cure and rejuvenate your skin known as photobiomodulation.

Scientific studies have shown that LED light is absorbed by cells, at the level of mitochondria, stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is the fibrous tissue that provides the structure to your skin.

Light and heat improve the blood flow of your skin, allowing more blood and nutrients to arrive, this will improve the brightness and firmness of your skin.

It also stimulates the release of cytokines (chemical messengers). Cytokines control the immune system in several ways, where one of them is regulating (activating or inhibiting) the activation, proliferation, and differentiation of various cell types, including fibroblasts. And another is regulating the secretion of antibodies and other cytokines, which will improve the immune system in general.

Therefore, the more cytokines released, the more collagen the producing cells, called fibroblasts, will produce.

Treatment With LED Light Can Be Effective For:

  • If your skin needs to improve and heal (acne, acne marks, eczema, sunspot, redness, etc.), your skin will recover faster naturally.
  • If it has healed, you need an enhancer treatment that gives you smoother skin, reduces wrinkles and leave your skin soft and radiant.

LED Light Therapy for Psoriasis

  • LED light therapies cannot eliminate Psoriasis and Eczema alone, but they can reduce irritation, itching, and pain.
  • It can reduce the plaques associated with Psoriasis.
  • Recent studies have found that the combination of 830 nm (near the NIR infrared light) and 630 nm (visible red light) LLLT, has proven effective against Psoriasis without any obvious side effects.

LED Light Therapy for Acne

  • Treating acne with LED light prevents the formation of acne and the associated problems that many of us have suffered.
  • However, even if you have previous acne marks, LED light therapy for the skin can help mitigate them.
  • When the new collagen is formed, the small scars normally created by severe cases of acne, allow it to reduce its appearance on the face, so that the small scars are disguised.
  • When treating acne marks, NIR (near-infrared to visible light) light facilitated improved appearance without side effects.

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The Lux LED Face and Neck Rejuvenator uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin of your face and neck. Light therapy technology has been used by dermatologists in their offices for over a decade. LED lights work by gently penetrating the skin at various depths to stimulate the skin’s physiology. The Lux LED Face and Neck Rejuvenator is a one-step treatment and is easy to use at home.

This Is How LED Therapy Transforms Your Skin

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