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Lux Ageless Eye Serum | Anti-aging Eye Cream | Dark Circles - LuxVerve

Lux Ageless Eye Serum | Anti-aging Eye Cream | Dark Circles

Getting dull with your looks? Losing Energy? Don't feel satisfied when you look into the mirror? Do dark circles and wrinkles pull down your confidence? No need to worry. The Lux Ageless Eye Serum is the product you are looking for. 

Using biomedical technology and mechanisms, this product help increases the production of collagen fibers in your skin, give your skin a bright and glowing texture, removes all the dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes. 

Triple-ball eye roller is a massager that gives 360-degree massage to the eye contour region. It provides sifting and smoothing of the eye muscles around the eye. 

The Lux Ageless Eye Serum can help boost the production of collagen, renew your skin’s texture, fade and tighten fine lines and wrinkles, as well as decrease black circles and under-eye puffiness. The 360-degree triple-ball roller feels cool and refreshing and allows for complete absorption and potency of serum.

The Lux Ageless Eye Serum and massager is a digital 21st-century technology that protects your eyes, enhances your skin and provides a glow to your skin. This turns your dark circles and nightmares in attractive fresh skin. 

Who can Use?

This is not limited to any age group or any specific gender. Any age group can use this eye serum and use the 360-degree massager to enhance the glow in the skin and minimize the dark circles


What makes it different from the others?

  • Easier and simpler to use
  • Protective
  • Quick Results 
  • Easy Application
  • Available for any age group
  • Provides extra health 

How to Use? 

Apply a pea-size amount on your ring finger. Eye serums are super concentrated, so a pea-sized amount is all you need for both eyes. For that delicate area, use your ring finger since it naturally has the lightest touch. You don’t want to put too much pressure on the skin.

Apply small dots from the inner corner underneath your eye to your brow bone. To apply, start at the inner corner underneath your eye, applying small dots in a semi-circle up to your brow bone. Gently tap in that semi-circle pattern to stimulate circulation until the product is fully absorbed. Be sure not to pull or stretch the skin while you’re doing this. Don’t get too close to your eye to avoid irritation.

Wait before applying concealer or other products. After applying your eye serum, wait about 90 seconds before applying concealer or other skincare products to give it time to fully absorb.


  • For best results, use your eye serum morning and night. 
  • Some people prefer to use it during the day to make their concealers look better; others prefer using it at night.
  • As for how this step fits within your routine, you’ll want to apply your eye serum after cleansing and toning and before your moisturizer or night cream. 
  • Long term use will yield optimal results.

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