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How LED Can Help Improve Your Skin Tightness and Firmness - LuxVerve

How LED Can Help Improve Your Skin Tightness and Firmness

Mild and painless with zero side effects, LED therapy was originally pioneered by NASA and is now used by thousands of DERMS to target collagen breakdown. No doubt, LED light therapy is growing in popularity in both homes and aesthetician offices. Using various varying LED wavelengths, this superb skincare technique professedly helps:

  • Treat acne breakout
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote anti-aging effects

You can get this treatment if you have any mentioned above skincare concerns and haven’t really gotten desired results from OTC skincare products. The best thing about LED therapy is it is safe for all skin colors, and also doesn’t cause any burning.

How Does LED Help Improve Skin?

No doubt, the treatment has been researched for the various situations in aesthetics. But it’s mainly noted for increasing tissues and collagen. Tissues can smooth out your skin easily and can reduce the dull appearance of damage from:

  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles 
  • Fine lines
  • Acne

However, different frequencies or wavelengths use with LED light treatment. The frequencies include red, and blue light, which contains ultraviolet rays, and thus gets absorbs into the skin.

Benefits of Red LED Light Therapy 

Do you have anti-aging skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, etc.? Red LED Light Therapy is the most scientifically tested and proven solution. It works by radiating vitality generating streams of red LED light deep into your skin. This therapy activates collagen production, elastic, and remove acne, causing bacteria and promote new, fresh skin growth. Red LED therapy tightens the forming of capillaries, full blast of oxygen to the skin, giving a refreshing, instant, and rejuvenating look. It also produces fibroblasts which help to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines.

Additionally, red light therapy is also anti-inflammatory and thus reduces inflammation within skin tissues and helps to accelerate the healing process. So particularly it uses for healing blemishes, fading scars, repairing sun damage, and improve skin tone.

Benefits of Blue LED Light Therapy

Are you suffering from acne outbursts? Blue light therapy is a solution! Due to its anti-bacterial benefits, it’s the best choice used in acne treatment. It absorbs by a molecule porphyrin. Acne bacteria contains a lot of porphyrins, so absorption by porphyrin creates free radicals which further released into bacteria, and kill them. 

This therapy is also helpful for skin rejuvenation. When combines with red light therapy, you can enjoy the wound healing benefits. 

Benefits of Amber LED Light Therapy 

Amber light therapy has a frequency wavelength of between 570nm to 620nm. It can sometimes break down into orange and yellow. This therapy is the best treatment for resolving skin issues involving redness like rosacea. It’s also the best solution for sensitive skins because of its soothing and calming sensations. If you want to detoxify your skin, the Amber LED therapy light is what you need. It flushes out the waste out of your skin, boosts lymphatic flow, and also increases cellular growth.

You can find a lot of LED technology devices to use at home. So what no more, and invest in this effective solution.

The Lux LED Face and Neck Rejuvenator uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin of your face and neck. Light therapy technology has been used by dermatologists in their offices for over a decade. LED lights work by gently penetrating the skin at various depths to stimulate the skin’s physiology. The Lux LED Face and Neck Rejuvenator is a one-step treatment and is easy to use at home.

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