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How LED Helps Improve Hair Density

Every individual sheds more than 100 hair per day. This figure is satisfactory and falls in between the normal range because your scalp is generating new hair while shedding the old ones. The real problem begins when you start to lose too much hair. In this condition, your hair stops growing back because the quality of your hair is compromised. 

Many people are in search of hair restoration techniques. Coping with a scalp thinning, baldness, along with hair could be embarrassing and frustrating. Scientific studies have revealed that light-emitting diode has a significant impact on hair restoration.

The Use of LED To Improve Hair Health

Today, LED light is being utilized as a non-aggressive and highly effective treatment for men as well as women with hair fall and hair thinning problems. If their scalp has some hair follicles left, then a particular wavelength of infrared and red light can be applied to it. This treatment is bound to stimulate the blood flow towards the follicles to promote hair growth.

By using LED light, you can easily recover, revive, and repair your weak and thin hair and bring a noticeable regrowth of hair on your scalp within two to three months. It has researched backed results for its clinical significance.

Usually, a person is required to go through two different types of treatment where each one is about 20 minutes long. It should be done for at least 8 to 12 weeks to get good results. It is a painless procedure, and all you have to do is to sit under the light and take rest because the machine will be doing its job. You can try to read a good book and even sleep if you desire.

LED Therapy

Another benefit of getting LED treatment for hair restoration is that not even a single drop of any medication or drug is applied on your scalp and no skin grafting is performed to achieve better results. It is a pain-free and inexpensive solution for their hair miseries. LED therapy is used to treat almost all sorts of hair related problems by increasing their strength, stimulating hair regeneration, and preventing hair loss. 

The light emission diode (LED) consists of yellow and red light which is to be positioned over an individual’s scalp area. Once the scalp comes in contact with this light, blood starts to circulate more in this region, and more hair cells begin to metabolize. Also, this light will lead to the production of more collagen fibers which is an essential factor behind scalp firming and strengthening of nerves in the scalp cells.

Each therapy requires 15-20 minutes and should be performed uninterruptedly to accomplish rapid outcomes. No doubt LED light therapy is your one-stop solution to restore hair growth and to bring your hair to their real thickness, but the results may vary from one person to another and is subjected to your skin color, diet, lifestyle, skin tone, age, and wellbeing.  

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Modern laser hair growth specialists believe that this increased circulation can be credited for encouraging hair follicles to produce hair growth even if they were unable to before through gentle stimulation.

Laser hair treatment with the “Lux Laser Hair Growth Therapy” is a painless and effective way to create a fuller head of hair through laser therapy to revitalize and nourish hair follicles. Clinical strength hair regrowth technology combats thinning hair for men and women.

LED Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

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