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Features Men Just Can't Resist!

Features Men Just Can't Resist

Men can have some pretty simple needs when it comes to relationships. What they look for in a partner are qualities that every woman naturally possesses or is actively developing. While some people are better fits for each other than others, each person has something special to offer. 

The male brain is searching for women to make babies with. Apparently, men are physically attracted to features that make a woman look healthy and fertile.

A High Voice 

A high-pitched voice evokes youthfulness and signifies a small, feminine body, both of which are attractive to men.

Healthy Hair

Shiny, full, and long hair is very attractive. Again, it's a sign of health and fertility. If your hair health could use a boost, at-home laser hair therapy has the potential to significantly improve the health of the hair follicle, leading to a fuller and more natural looking head of hair.

Bright Smiles

Happy people are attractive people. But science has also proven the whiter the teeth, the better. If your smile is looking less than stellar take a look at easy, at-home teeth whitening systems

Less Makeup

You may think that contouring, layers of eye shadow, and bold lips are making you more beautiful, but it turns out, the natural look is more appealing to men. The video says that men prefer women who use up to 40% fewer cosmetics. But it shouldn't take science to tell you that the natural you, is the best you.

Wearing Red

There's a reason red is associated with lust. Scientists have proven that wearing red enhances attraction. In fact, they've found this phenomenon to hold true in other animals as well.

Self Care

Changeable features like how people groom themselves and posture are just as important as fixed features like height. The reason: Evidence of self-care signals to others that you're healthy and strong (and thus, a good reproductive partner).

Our mission is to help people look and feel younger and healthier by using safe, effective, affordable, and fun technology.

LuxVerve products are second to none. You will benefit from this world-class technology. You will notice how you look and feel better. Other people will see how you look “fresh” and revitalized. Gone will be the days when people ask if you are tired.

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